Rossi & Rossi Law Real Estate division focuses on the key areas of acquisition,development, building and renovation of property assets nationwide in Italy.

Before entering any business transaction in a foreign country, any investor, company or individual should consider these questions:

1) Am I aware of all the tricks of the trade that might be implied in a similar transaction abroad?

2) Am I sure that I am going to pay a fair sum of money for the assets?

3) Am I sure the assets I might be buying are really free of burdens, encumbrances or debt?

4) Am I sure the building I might be buying is in good condition and stable and there is nothing hidden about the condition of its structural frame?

5) Am I sure there is no one else claiming to be entitled to live in the property or having the ownership of the property according to a long standing possession upon the estate?

6) Am I sure nobody is still living in the property and there is no rental agreement which has given the tenant the right to hand over the occupancy or the possession of the estate?

7) Now do you really think it is useless to ask for legal advice before completing the transaction?

It is essential to employ the services of a legal professional who can guide you through each step of the transaction before any negotiation takes place. Our wide experience will guarantee support in the numerous matters that may arise in the management of a real estate project. Our expert team of consultants are here to help our clients in any matter concerning buying or renovating a property in Italy, from searching for a property to concluding the transaction .

Our property searches will ensure that the client is made fully aware of any problem, such as charges, burdensome debts, taxes or third-party claims on the property. Our advice does not end there. We are a “free estate agent” experienced in estimating real property values. We have engineers and surveyors able to check any structural deficiencies of the building and reliable building contractors who can guarantee the highest standards in any building or renovation project. We have strong connections with public notaries experienced in dealing with foreign people. This is important because visa and municipality requirements, as well as taxation matters, have strong implications in the completion of any property transfer. In conclusion, we are in the position of giving our client everything they need to see through an untroubled negotiation and the ensuing processes.

We are essentially a “keys in the hand” consultancy, here to ensure a smooth ride through any property project.