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Your Italian law firm

Rossi & Rossi is an independent well established Italian law firm based in Central Italy with offices located in Rome, Tuscany and Umbria. We are authorised to operate throughout Italy under government mandate. We specialize in and focus on providing legal services to foreign investors, being them private individuals or corporate entities. Currently we advise clients from all over the world who wish, or require to invest in Italy in its many diverse forms. Our expertise spreads through Italian law and International private law and incorporates the following areas of expertise with a special focus on: Real estate and Property law, Corporate and Commercial law, Company Formation in Italy, Intellectual Property, Tax planning for Companies and Expatriates, Internet law, Merger & Acquisitions, Debt collection, Family law. Working individually or in teams, we remain committed to providing best support and assistance to our clients in English, Russian, Spanish and German languages. Rossi & Rossi is legal assistance to foreign individuals in Italy.



Piazza Euclide, 47
00197 - ROME, Italy
Phone: +39 068 08 01 57



Via Cavour n. 39
50129 - FLORENCE, Italy
Phone: +39 351 13 81 781



Via Fonti Coperte, 38
06124 - PERUGIA, Italy
Phone: +39 075 57 20 728

Our mission

We believe we fully understand that our client's perceived needs must come first and that the continued success of our law firm stems only from dedication, hard work and honest communication with our current and potential clients. Our inherent knowledge and experience of our very complex Italian legal system will indeed assist you in a smooth path towards your objectives. You may care to look at our website which will hopefully assist you and guide you further in this context with English speaking lawyers in Italy. We are your legal aid in Italy. We provide legal services and assistance to expatriates in Italy.

We assist in protecting your investments

How to purchase a real estate property in Italy

Should you wish to invest in property, be it commercial or the residential sector in Italy, we offer a complete and all embodying service for your protection and best interests. In terms of property purchase we offer an all inclusive risk reducing service during the whole process from beginning to end. As a note of caution, and as a matter of experience, we believe it is not advisable to entrust estate agents, banks, and/ or others, to advise you in legal matters pertaining to your purchase which might culminate in not being in your best interests. The motto 'caveat emptor' (let the buyer be aware) is why you should instruct us to act on your behalf to protect your financial security and peace of mind. We believe your interests are best served by us with over 26 years experience in successful practise and ongoing notable reputation. In addition, we also have a proven track record of providing legal diligence services for our clients. It should be noted that we have a dedicated team of lawyers to provide you with tailored advice for each and every requirement as needed within any Italian real estate matter and professional Real estate lawyers in Italy.

Doing business in Italy

Business law is one of the key areas of expertise at Rossi & Rossi as we possess a particularly rich storehouse of knowledge to draw upon in the following areas: Company formation, selling or buying a company and its shares, advice and provision of services in general litigation and civil litigious disputes. We also offer debt collection services including domestic and cross border execution. MADE IN ITALY has always been one of the best known brands in the world and as a result many famous international companies have decided to set up business in Italy. The reason for this is the fact that Italy provides a highly educated and skilled workforce producing superior quality products to include: the automotive industry, haute couture fashion, mineral fuels, pearls, precious stones, coinage, pharmaceuticals, furskins, clocks and watches, plastics etc. Italy with a population of 60 million and a gold reserve ranked 3rd in the world, just behind the USA and Germany, must make Italy one of the best and safest countries in the world in which to invest. Please do contact us, we are here to assist you in your aspirations with safety. We provide legal assistance to foreign companies doing business in Italy.

Our international division

Rossi & Rossi consults with business owners to draft, review and negotiate all kind of commercial agreements related to various business activities, including but not limited to: distribution and agency agreements, franchising, supply and sub-supply, intellectual property agreements (such as trade mark transfers and licenses, patent, software and sponsorship agreements) and company agreements for the transfer or acquisition of specific goods or services, cross border Joint venture, non disclosure agreement, sell and buy agreements, licensing agreement and so on.