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    Rossi & Rossi is an independent, well-established Italian law firm based in central Italy with offices in Rome, Tuscany, and Umbria. We are authorised by the government to operate throughout Italy. We specialise and focus on providing legal services to foreign investors, whether individuals or corporate entities.
    Our expertise covers Italian law and international private law and includes the following areas of practice with particular emphasis on:
    Real Estate and Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Incorporation of Companies in Italy, Acquisition of Italian Citizenship by Descent, Immigration Law, Tax Planning for Companies and Expatriates, Internet Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt Collection, Family Law.



    Piazza Euclide, 47
    00197 - ROME, Italy
    Phone: +39 068 08 01 57


    Via Cavour n. 39
    50129 - FLORENCE, Italy
    Phone: +39 351 13 81 781


    Via Fonti Coperte, 38
    06124 - PERUGIA, Italy
    Phone: +39 075 57 20 728

    How to buy a property in Italy in a safe and secure way

    Should you wish to invest in property in Italy, we offer a complete and comprehensive service for your protection and best interests. When it comes to buying property in Italy, we offer a comprehensive risk mitigation service throughout the entire process from start to finish. As a note of caution and as a matter of experience, we do not believe it is advisable to engage estate agents, banks and/or others to advise you on legal matters relating to your purchase which may not be in your best interests. We believe that your interests are best served by us, with over 35 years' experience in successful practice and an unblemished reputation. We also have a proven track record in providing legal diligence services to our clients. It should be noted that our Italian law firm have a dedicated team of lawyers to provide you with tailored advice for every requirement as needed within any Italian property matter and professional property/real estate lawyers/attorneys in Italy.

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    How to obtain italian citizenship by descent

    Our Italian law firm provides support and legal assistance in obtaining Italian citizenship.

    Our Italian lawyers specialise in facilitating the acquisition of Italian nationality/citizenship through direct applications in Italy and not through Italian embassies overseas. Due to the overwhelming demand for Italian citizenship and the increasing difficulties in securing an appointment at an embassy, particularly in countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina, we offer our clients a unique solution of becoming a resident in Italy, which allows them to apply directly in Italy, bypassing the lengthy delays associated with going through the embassy. Importantly, this process requires clients to travel to Italy and live there temporarily for 3/6 months depending on the circumstances.

    Our Italian law firm also provides legal representation in the Italian courts for

    - Recognition of citizenship through legal proceedings in relation to the 1948 rule, which allows for the reacquisition of Italian citizenship for the descendant of an Italian woman who married before 1948 and would have lost her Italian citizenship.

    - Appealing to the Italian courts in the event of a delay in the processing of an application for Italian nationality by the Italian consulates abroad.


    Doing business in Italy

    Our Italian law firm provides comprehensive and reliable assistance to clients wishing to navigate the complex Italian legal landscape. With extensive knowledge of Italian laws and business practices, we can guide foreign companies through all legal, tax and regulatory aspects of 'Doing Business' in italy.
    We offer a wide range of legal services covering the different stages of doing business in Italy. These include company formation, assistance in choosing the most suitable legal form, sale or purchase of companies and their shares, drafting contracts and commercial agreements, intellectual property advice, dispute management, tax advice, debt recovery services, including national and cross-border enforcement, and much more.
    Our experience and expertise in the field allow us to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that foreign companies face when engaging in the Italian market. We can provide strategic and customised advice that considers the specificities of your industry and business needs.
    Choosing our Italian law firm means relying on highly qualified professionals committed to protecting your interests and facilitating your success in Italy. Contact us today to discuss your "Doing Business in Italy" needs and discover how we can be your reliable partner in achieving your business goals in our country.

    Our international division

    Rossi & Rossi consults with business owners to draft, review and negotiate all kind of commercial agreements related to various business activities, including but not limited to: distribution and agency agreements, franchising, supply and sub-supply, intellectual property agreements (such as trade mark transfers and licenses, patent, software and sponsorship agreements) and company agreements for the transfer or acquisition of specific goods or services, cross border Joint venture, non disclosure agreement, sell and buy agreements, licensing agreement and so on.

    Our mission

    We understand that our clients' needs must come first and that the continued success of our firm can only be achieved through dedication, hard work and honest communication with our current and potential clients. Indeed, our intimate knowledge and experience of the highly complex Italian legal system will assist you in the smooth pursuit of your objectives. We invite you to browse through our website which we hope will assist and guide you in your search for English speaking lawyers in Italy. We provide legal services and advice to foreign citizens and companies wishing to do business in Italy and purchase property in Italy.
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