Investor Visa

Investor Visa

investor visa


In recent years, the Italian government has introduced one of the world's best residency programmes aimed at non-European Union citizens wishing to move to Italy.

Citizens of non-EU countries and companies established outside the EU (through their director) are entitled to obtain an investor's visa and a residence permit if they intend to make investments in Italy in the following main cases:

- An investment of at least 500,000.00 Euro (five hundred thousand) in equity instruments forming part of the capital of a company established and operating in Italy (listed or not on the Italian stock exchange), and held for at least two years, or at least 250,000.00 Euro (two hundred and fifty thousand) in the case of innovative start-up companies registered in the special section of the company register;

- an investment of at least 2,000,000 (two million) Euros in bonds issued by the Italian Government and held for at least two years;

To obtain a visa, non-EU investors must obtain a nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) issued by the Investors Committee for Italy. The procedure is quick: it is processed within 30 days of the submission of a complete application. 

Applicants are granted a two-year residence permit in Italy with several further extensions for a minimum of 3 years.

In order to enter Italy, it is necessary to obtain clearance and an entry visa, issued by the competent diplomatic or consular authorities, after verification of the following documents:

- Copy of a valid travel document with an expiry date at least three months after that of the required visa;

- documents proving that the applicant is the owner and effective beneficiary of the sums to be allocated to the investments and that these sums are available and transferable in Italy;

- a certificate confirming the legal origin of the funds,

- a certificate issued by the competent authorities of the applicant's country of residence stating that the applicant has not been convicted of any criminal offence and that no criminal proceedings are pending;

- a statement in which the applicant undertakes to use the funds to make the investment or donation within three months of entering Italy and to maintain the investment for at least two years.

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Investor Visa

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