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About us


Rossi & Rossi Law Firm is an English-speaking boutique law firm based in central Italy with the headquarters in Rome and offices in Perugia and Florence that assists private and corporate clients from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Irlanda, the UAE, Benelux and all over the world. Rossi & Rossi Law Firm provides assistance to foreign clients in all parts of Italy, and it is specialized in legal matters involving real estate transactions, commercial and corporate law, litigation, inheritance law, immigration, visa consulting and international law.

Our team consists of two senior partners, six associates and five administrative staff members. Each is a devoted professional that focuses on their area of expertise.

Throughout the last decade the practice of the firm has considerably flourished in Italy and abroad, by working on behalf of our clients every day, we do provide the best services for their needs and build long-lasting business relationships.

Keeping up with modern trends, tendencies and technical progress, Rossi & Rossi Law Firm is one of the first Italian company to start using artificial intelligence to build individual trajectories for each client's case, a methodology developed, tested and applied by the company has proven its high effectiveness.

The firm was founded in 2000 by Dr Carlo Umberto Rossi. He graduated in Public International Law from the University of Perugia in 1990. Before qualifying as an Italian lawyer, he began his career with an international law firm based in Frankfurt (Germany), where he rose to the position of shared partner. In the early years of his career, he also worked as a magistrate in the public prosecutor's office of the Court of Florence. He then contributed to the preparation of the WORLD BANK's Doing Business 2009, Doing Business 2010, and Doing Business 2012 reports.

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