The Rossi & Rossi law firm serves international clients who wish to expand their business operations into the Italian territory.

Doing business in Italy offers both opportunities and challenges. With this comes a need to understand the cultural, economic and political nuances that exist across the country.

A tricky part of doing business in Italy is knowing who to contact and how to deal with local partners in order to achieve your goals. We have been helping foreign investors, both companies and private individuals, to connect with government officials, business partners and professionals in order to develop their projects.

At Rossi & Rossi, we are eager to provide our international clients in the process of doing business in Italy with our best expertise in the following areas of Business & Corporate law:


We help foreign business owners, executives and private entrepreneurs to:

Incorporate joint stock and limited liability companies in Italy Create joint ventures with Italian businesses Invest in Italian companies Establish Italian subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in Italy Maintain corporate book-keeping Assist in disputes concerning corporate issues, such as, for instance, directors’ liability

Obtain immigration visas for themselves and key employees


Rossi & Rossi intervenes in various corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, spin-outs, conversions, and dissolutions.

To this effect, we draft and prepare various corporate documents and provide various forms of consultation on behalf of our clients, including:

  • articles of incorporation; bylaws; shareholder agreements; minutes of the general meetings of associates, shareholders or directors; advising in relation to capital gains; shareholders and board resolutions. We also advise clients on contentious matters, such as derivative actions against directors and on the recovery and proof of debts; due diligence aimed at company acquisitions, evaluations of businesses and companies.


Rossi & Rossi consults with business owners to draft, review and negotiate all kinds of commercial agreements related to various business activities, including but not limited to: distribution and agency agreements, franchising, supply and sub-supply, intellectual property agreements (such as trademark transfers and licences, patents, software and sponsorship agreements) and company agreements for the transfer or acquisition of specific goods or services, cross border joint ventures, non-disclosure agreements, selling and buying agreements, licensing agreements, and more.


Rossi & Rossi assists and advises its clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, and represents them in dealings with the government agencies concerned with their investments.

We also help our clients to prepare and file applications with national agencies and administrations promoting financial and corporate investments, and obtain for them special tax and customs statuses.


Personal and company tax strategies

Trusts and estates