Business Law

Business Law

Our Italian law firm is a leading business and commercial law firm with a strong focus on technology law. Combining traditional legal expertise with a deep understanding of the evolving technology landscape, we provide comprehensive legal services to companies operating in Italy or planning to do business in Italy.

Although based in Italy, our firm has an international outlook. We understand the nuances of cross-border transactions, technology collaborations and global and Italian regulatory frameworks. Our areas of expertise for our cross-border legal services in Italy include:
Contracts and transactions: Our team of Italian business attorneys is skilled in drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts, ensuring accuracy, risk avoidance and compliance with Italian and international laws.

These contracts involve business transactions between parties from different countries and are subject to specific legal principles and rules. Our Italian law firm specialises in international commercial contracts and provides legal advice and assistance to clients involved in cross-border transactions.

We handle contracts having international implications such as
- International Sales Contracts
- Distribution Agreements
- Agency Agreements
- Franchising Agreements
- International Joint Venture Agreements
- Licensing Agreements
-. Manufacturing Agreements
- International Construction Contracts
- Service Agreements
- Confidentiality agreements
- E-commerce Agreements


Our technology law practice is at the forefront of providing legal solutions tailored to the needs of technology-driven businesses in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Our Italian technology law expertise includes: Internet law: Addressing legal issues relating to domain names, online content and user-generated content.

Technology Transactions: Our team handles technology transactions, including software licensing, technology transfer agreements and collaboration agreements.

Cross-border technology transactions: Advising on legal issues relating to cross-border technology transactions in Italy, including international data transfers and compliance with EU and Italian data protection laws.

Technology Start-ups and Venture Capital: Advising technology start-ups on legal structures, funding rounds and compliance issues when doing business in Italy. Assisting venture capital firms with due diligence and investment transactions in the technology sector.

Emerging technologies: Keeping abreast of legal developments related to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). Advising companies working with cutting-edge technologies on the legal implications and compliance considerations.

E-commerce and digital business: We provide legal advice to international companies involved in e-commerce and digital platforms in Italy. This includes compliance with online regulations, drafting general terms and conditions, and addressing legal issues related to online transactions.

Regulatory compliance: Ensuring that technology clients comply with Italian industry-specific regulations, standards and certifications. Advising on the legal implications of regulatory changes affecting the technology sector in Italy.

Dispute resolution: Representing clients in technology-related disputes before the Italian courts, including disputes relating to intellectual property rights, licensing disputes and breaches of technology agreements. Use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for efficient resolution.

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Business Law

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