Rossi & Rossi is an independent Italian law firm with an international reach, authorised to operate throughout Italyunder government mandate.
The law firm was established in 2000 by three major partners and since then has expanded its practice in Central Italy with its main office based in Rome.

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The Firm specialises in providing legal services to foreign investors, both private individuals and corporate entities.
The Firm’s team of qualified lawyers mainly assists clients on matters of international business law and cross-border transactions, corporate and commercial law, real-estate transactions, family law and inheritance and wills. The Firm has also a group of lawyers based in Rome specialized in litigation and arbitration. In addition to assisting numerous foreign companies doing business in Italy, the Firm frequently advises and assists non-EU citizens in getting residence in Italy and obtaining Italian citizenship.
As members of the Rome Bar, our lawyers appear before all courts (Civil and commercial Court, Appeal Court, Supreme Court etc.), and all over Italy.

Lawyer in Rome
The lawyers based in the Rome office have, over the course of their 20 years’ working experience and commitment, developed an excellent relationship with the central police force and tax authorities in Rome, and are consequently aware of how to deal successfully with them on behalf of our Clients; a crucial factor, especially when it comes to applying for residency and having Italian citizenship recognized in due time.
The Firm is frequently called upon to render its services in languages other than Italian. The English-speaking lawyers in our Rome office can boast extensive experience on legal matters having international implications, thanks to the professional training background they received abroad before joining the Firm. The Firm’s staff are also able to communicate and negotiate in Russian, Spanish and German.
Rossi & Rossi’s quality of service is also based on:

Lawyer in Rome
Proven work methodology
Rigorous quality control
Clear, concrete fiscal and legal solutions
An approach that takes into account our clients’ economic and financial data.
Our Firm strives to maintain the high level of technical expertise of each of our professionals through a continual training programme within the firm and through rigorous organisation and sharing of knowledge.
Among other things, our Rome law offices handle the everyday affairs of citizens with the Italian State, such as issuing certificates and translating official documents to and from the Italian language.

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Real Estate law in Rome – Get help with all matters relating to residential real estate in Italy. Our English speaking Italian Lawyers (attorneys in Rome – Romans solicitors) Law firm specialized in real estate law will assist you in dealing with such matters.

Commercial Real Estate in Rome

Need to negotiate a commercial lease agreement, or buy/sell commercial property?

These Italian real estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Italian law firm based in Rome can help.

Buying or selling a home:

Our Italian English speaking real estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Rome may help you to minimize the risk or to obtain the maximum profit.

Our English speaking real estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors will also support you when it comes to other issues concerning real estate matters such as;

  • Neighbours and Disputes,
  • Tenants’ Rights,
  • Landlords and the Law,
  • Trespassing,
  • Covenants,
  • Taxes and Homeownership (Italian law Firm in Rome)
  • Condominiums and Co-Ops,
  • Zoning,
  • Construction Defects
  • Easements

Personal Injury

Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Rome who handle all types of injury cases.
Auto Accident – Find English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firm in Rome focusing on car accidents, insurance claims, and related lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice

Find an English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Rome dealing with claims against doctors and hospitals.

Corporate law/Business law

Italian English speaking business Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Rome who draw up contracts and advise business owners on legal issues, as well as provide representation in legal cases.


Investment fraud & wrongdoing: contact our lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firm in Rome to handle the case fast and safety
Employment & Labor Law; Our Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm will deal with any case related to any claims brought forward against employers or by employers against employees

Estate Planning – Wills & Trusts

When you need to prepare an estate plan, need help with inheritance issues, or need to administer an estate after someone has died feel free to fix an appointment with our English speaking succession/inheritance Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firms in Rome.

Estate Planning attorney

If you need to draft a will, trust, power of attorney, advance directive, or complete estate plan contact our Italian English speaking Real Estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firms in Rome.


Probate Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors in Rome help administer estates after someone has passed away.
Family & Divorce Everything related to family, from marriage to divorce. Contact our Italian English speaking family Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firm in Rome


If you’re facing or going through a divorce, these Family Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Rome can help with all related matters.


Our Italian English speaking family Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors in Rome can help with everything from prenuptial agreements, adoptions, guardianships and more.

English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law firms in Rome specialized in Divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Same-Sex Couples, Guardianship, Grandparent Rights, Child Abuse, Fertility and Surrogacy, Paternity

Immigration Law

Our English speaking immigration Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firms in Rome can help navigate the complex world of Italian Work Visas, Citizenship, applications for Permanent Residence and more.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors in Rome specialize in patents, trademarks, and copyright issues, as well as licensing and other related uses of your intellectual property.


These Italian lawyers in Rome focus on drawing up and processing patent applications.
Legal Disputes These are our Italian lawyers in Rome who can help with many everyday issues.



When you need to sue or you’re the defendant of a lawsuit.


Company formation in Italy/Rome:

Italy has recently become an attractive place where to invest money and doing business in.
Starting a Business in Italy/Rome
Set up a company in Italy/Rome
Incorporation and Legal Structures in Italy/Rome
Business Finances and Taxes in Italy/Rome
Business Forms and Contracts in Italy/Rome
Business Laws and Regulations in Italy/Rome
Business Bankruptcy and Debt in Italy/Rome
Closing a Business in Italy/Rome
Hiring a Business Law Attorney in Italy/Rome

English speaking Italian Tax lawyers/attorneys/ solicitors/ Law firms in Rome will help you to

Computer law
Construction law
Consumer law
Contract law
Copyright law
Corporate law (or company law), also corporate compliance law and corporate governance law
Cyber law
Family law
Financial services regulation law
Gaming law
Health and safety law
Immigration law
International law
International human rights law
International trade and finance law
Internet law
Privacy law
Property law

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