Real Estate law

Real Estate law in Florence – Get help with all matters relating to residential real estate in Italy. Our English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law firm specialized in real estate law will assist you in dealing with such matters.

Commercial Real

Commercial Real Estate in Florence – Need to negotiate a commercial lease agreement, or buy/sell commercial property? These Italian real estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Italian law firm based in Florence can help.
Buying or selling a home: Our Italian English speaking real estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Florence may help you to minimize the risk or to obtain the maximum profit. Our English speaking real estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors will also support you when it comes to other issues concerning real estate matters such as;
Neighbours and Disputes,
Tenants’ Rights,
Landlords and the Law,
Taxes and Homeownership (Italian law Firm in Florence)
Condominiums and Co-Ops,
Construction Defects

Personal Injury

Personal Injury in Florence – Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Florence who handle all types of injury cases.
Auto Accident – Find English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firm in Florence focusing on car accidents, insurance claims, and related lawsuits.
Medical Malpractice – Find an English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Florence dealing with claims against doctors and hospitals.

Corporate law/Business law

Corporate law/Business law in Florence– Italian English speaking business Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Florence who draw up contracts and advise business owners on legal issues, as well as provide representation in legal cases.
Securities – Investment fraud & wrongdoing: contact our lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firm in Florence to handle the case fast and safety

Employment & Labor Law

Employment & Labor Law; Our Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm will deal with any case related to any claims brought forward against employers or by employers against employees
Estate Planning – Wills & Trusts
When you need to prepare an estate plan, need help with inheritance issues, or need to administer an estate after someone has died feel free to fix an appointment with our English speaking succession/inheritance Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firms in Florence.
Estate Planning – If you need to draft a will, trust, power of attorney, advance directive, or complete estate plan contact our Italian English speaking Real Estate Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firms in Florence.
Probate – Probate Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors in Florence help administer estates after someone has passed away.
Family & Divorce Everything related to family, from marriage to divorce. Contact our Italian English speaking family Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law Firm in Florence
Divorce – If you’re facing or going through a divorce, these Family Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firm in Florence can help with all related matters.
Family – Our Italian English speaking family Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors in Florence can help with everything from prenuptial agreements, adoptions, guardianships and more.
English speaking Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/law firms in Florence specialized in  Divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Same-Sex Couples, Guardianship, Grandparent Rights, Child Abuse, Fertility and Surrogacy, Paternity
Immigration Law – Our English speaking immigration Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors/Law Firms in Florence can help navigate the complex world of Italian Work Visas, Citizenship, applications for Permanent Residence and more.
Intellectual Property – Intellectual property Italian Lawyers/attorneys/solicitors in Florence specialize in patents, trademarks, and copyright issues, as well as licensing and other related uses of your intellectual property.
Patents – These Italian lawyers in Florence focus on drawing up and processing patent applications.
Legal Disputes These are our Italian lawyers in Florence who can help with many everyday issues.
Litigation – When you need to sue or you’re the defendant of a lawsuit.

Company formation in Italy

Company formation in Italy/Florence: Italy has recently become an attractive place where to invest money and doing business in.
Starting a Business in Italy/Florence
Set up a company in Italy/Florence
Incorporation and Legal Structures in Italy/Florence
Business Finances and Taxes in Italy/Florence
Business Forms and Contracts in Italy/Florence
Business Laws and Regulations in Italy/Florence
Business Bankruptcy and Debt in Italy/Florence
Closing a Business in Italy/Florence
Hiring a Business Law Attorney in Italy/Florence

English speaking Italian Tax lawyers/attorneys/ solicitors/ Law firms in Florence will help you to