Italian elective residence visa for non European Union Nationals

Italian elective residence visa for non European Union Nationals

italian elecrive residence


Non-European Union citizens who intend to settle in Italy on a permanent basis may qualify for an Italian long-term national elective residence visa if they own or rent a property in Italy, and are able to support themselves autonomously.

Necessary requirements:

1) Be a non-EU citizen who intends to settle in Italy;

2) To be able to support themselves independently, without engaging in gainful employment;

3) to provide adequate and documented guarantees of the availability of substantial, autonomous, stable and regular economic resources that can reasonably be expected to continue in the future. These resources must not be less than 31,000 euros per year (38,000 euros for a married couple) and must come from owning a substantial income (pension, annuity), owning real estate, owning a stable economic-commercial activity or from other sources. It is not possible to take into account sources of income derived from employment.

4) Provide adequate and documented guarantees regarding the availability of a housing of choice, which may be rented or purchased. The law does not take into account the value of the property to be purchased in Italy when assessing the acquisition of the right of option to reside; however, it can be assumed that if the cost of the property is equal to or greater than 300,000 euros, the application will be accepted.

Elective residence visa characteristics:

    - The duration of the visa is usually 2 years, renewable in Italy at the competent police immigration office, provided that the initial conditions continue to exist over time; this residence permit cannot be renewed or extended if there is evidence that the foreigner has interrupted his stay in Italy for a continuous period of more than six months, unless the said interruption was the result of the need to satisfy serious, substantiated motives.

    - After 5 years it is possible to apply for an EU residence permit - for long-term residents - which is permanent and allows the holder to enjoy substantial equality of treatment with EU citizens (EU Directive 2003/109 on the status of third-country nationals residing for a long period of time).

- In addition to the right to reside anywhere in the national territory and to return to the same for a period corresponding to the duration of the permit, holders of a residence permit for the purpose of elective residence may register with the National Health Service to benefit from health insurance cover.

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Italian elective residence visa for non European Union Nationals

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