Our Italian law firm advises its clients in all fields of national and international insolvency law. The insolvency team focuses on securing and enforcing creditors’ rights.

Debt recovery is a difficult task and all the traditional means are, as far as we are concerned, out of date and useless.

In a time of crisis, nobody wants to waste money and time running after someone who is unable or unwilling to pay.

When insolvency is inevitable, however, the strategy becomes obviously one of minimising loss, and maximising returns for creditors.

Most law firms still think of making money even in times of distress, regardless of any benefit to the client.

We have another view
We monitor the debtor’s assets accurately. By examining the debtor’s financial situation, we can trace any debtor assets and foreclose them.

This first step costs the client a small sum of money, but on the other hand, he is certain that any legal action will be worth filing.

This approach gives us the chance to obtain better results compared to our competitors. During this distressing time, it is important to remember that our aim is to reduce the cost to the client by avoiding wasteful spending.