Zoning compliance

When one proceeds to buy a house that has been already built, it is essential to check its regularity from the urban planning/zoning point of view, that is that the status of the property is not substantially different from the plans filed at the provincial offices of the Cadastral Agency at the Agenzia del Territorio and at the technical department of the municipality where the property is located.

Therefore before signing the preliminary contract, it is necessary to be given by the seller the building permit or any other equivalent document if some renovations have been executed on the building itself. Eventually, do not forget to get the “Certificate of use and occupancy” or the self-­‐ certification document of the deadline from which the period of consenting silence, registered by the municipality, starts.

The certificate of use and occupancy

certifies that the conditions of safety, hygiene, health, energy savings of the buildings and the installed equipment in it, have been deemed in compliance with the current regulations (art. 24 D.P.R. June, 6th 2001 n. 380, Consolidated Law on Construction).

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