Practices And Consulting Services To Open A Company In Italy

If I were willing to open a company in Italy, in what way and in what areas your practice could help me?

The Rossi & Rossi legal practice gives operators (companies and / or individuals) who want to form a company in Italy a complete consulting service both from a legal point of view, about the type of the company that best suits the client’s needs, and in terms of optimization of the tax burden for the management of a business activity in Italy.

What does the all inclusive service cover?

Our practice is able to accomplish on behalf of clients all the tasks necessary for the establishment and management of a company in Italy, and in particular:

– Support in the opening of the bank account of the company
– Drawing up of the memorandum and articles of association of the company
– Assisting and representing the client before the notary for the establishment of the company
Company registration at the competent Chamber of Commerce
Domiciliation of companies in our legal practice domicile
Bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and the annual financial statements to be submitted at the Chamber of Commerce
Fulfilment of all formalities for the hiring of the new company personnel, including the preparation of payroll, social security payments, etc.

Our customers are always informed of the presumptive costs of services and consulting advice before assigning the task. We are also able to make cost estimates online if the customer has provided us with the necessary information to assess the type of activity of interest.

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